Friday 3 January 2014


Harpic is one of the names that spring to mind when you think about one of the most popular brands in India. But not every brand in India has humanized itself enough to think about the society as a crucial entity. Thanks to the #HappyMornings campaign, I can say it with confidence that Harpic is evidently one of the exceptions.

Harpic along with Save the Children has done much for the betterment of society. One great example of the same came out last Friday. Sreeniwaspuri in New Delhi has one of the most populated slums in the capital. Like every slum area, this region faces a lot of disparity when it comes to basic amenities regarding clean water & sanitation. Drainage systems happen to be one of the prime pain points in such areas. The slum visit on 14th December pointed out how the brand along with STC has tried its best to eradicate the problem faced by the unsung of the nation.

The Sreeniwaspuri slum area faced a tough time receiving clean water & the drainage system was in ruins. Children & adults alike often hurt themselves while walking about the bylanes as water flooded the inner lanes difficult to pass through. Water was scarce, when it was there. Harpic & STC installed a proper drainage facility & water storage units that helped this problem. The drive also pointed out the reasons behind open defecation that is so prevalent in India. The reason is not a behavioral problem, but a more fundamental one. The demand for a clean toilet exceeds the availability for one. And where there is a toilet, it functions pathetically. Harpic raised community awareness among the slum folk & interaction with the government are in order regarding the same.
A nearby government school was also a part of the drive where we saw a properly functioning water cooler system. And mind you, there wasn’t just one. From incinerators to storage units to water tanks to clean water taps for every child. It was quite a happy spectacle to see this development. Children here are not just taught how to keep their own selves clean, but also how to teach others the same thing. Community outreach has never been so effective in India!

#HappyMornings, their campaign to create awareness about the sanitation & related problems faced by underprivileged people in India strives to create enough noise about these issues that strong actions are implemented.


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