Wednesday 17 April 2013

Celebrating 4sqDay (Foursquare Day)

Every year April 16 is celebrated as Foursquare Day or 4sqDay (4/4^2). Foursquare being the most popular check-in app in the world, this day is celebrated with great pomp and valor. A meetup is held to celebrate this day.

The 4sqDay meetup in Mumbai was celebrated at Salt Water Cafe in Bandra. Few noble souls along with the backing and support of Kotak Mahindra Bank organized this meetup. Since, I was present at the event, I will talk about the pleasant evening spent on 4sqDay. 

Here is a picture of the venue, where the event was held. Since I was the second person to arrive (at 7pm), this place is empty.

Attending a 4SqDay meetup involves:

1. Unlocking TWO badges in one day - 4SqDay & Swarm Badge.
2. Meeting fellow foursquare geeks. Yes, its always wonderful to connect with fellow Mumbaikars.
3. Winning Official swag/goodies, tons of prizes and sponsor goodies

I would thank the organizers and people from Kotak Mahindra Bank who were instrumental in making this meetup happen and reaching to me & my friends. 
Here's a picture of Brand ambassador 'Subbu' welcoming us with a smile at the meetup.

Lot of people at the event got lucky and took home these cool 'Kotak Mahindra" goodie bags. You just needed to be a 'Mayor' of any Kotak Mahindra Bank/ATM in Mumbai to claim a goodie bag. That is so simple. 

A 4sqDay meetup involves checking in with many other foursquare users at the same place to 'unlock a special' and 'earn a swarm badge'. The special at Salt Water Cafe was a free drink and we all earned it. More than 50 of us. I was again one of the early birds to earn it. We unlocked the swarm badge and 4sqDay badge too. 

The venue was teeming with people by 8pm. You couldn't move ahead without either touching someone or saying "Excuse Me".  Few girls were squealing in delight after meeting their long lost buddies. It was a great evening where we made new friends and reconnected with old buddies. Kudos to organizers & hosts of the event.

A 4sqDay meet up is incomplete without the official schwag which is sent from Foursquare HQ. Take a look at it below. 

So, this is how the 4sqDay was celebrated. See you guys next year! Till then, keep checking in!