Thursday 10 April 2014

Xolo Q800 - Unrooting and going back to stock rom to claim warranty

I have a Xolo Q800 - Old Chipset, which is rooted and has a custom ROM. Now as you would be aware, at service centre, rooted phones are not accepted so I decided to unroot to claim my warranty.

Step 0 - Replace custom boot animation with stock animation.
Step 1 - Flashing Stock ROM
Step 2 - Flashing Stock Recovery
Step 3 - Unrooting
Step 4 - Format and Reset to factory settings

The Xolo Q800 comes with 4GB internal storage. Out of which 1GB is phone storage and 2GB is mounted sdcard. This sdcard is internal storage. Pls remove any external SD card from your phone. Also remove sim card from your device.

Step 0 :
- Download Root explorer from xda developers
- Download stock boot animation zip from xda developers or Facebook group of Xolo Q800 Core.
- Rename stock boot animation zip to and put it in sd card of your phone
- Open root explorer, in top left corner, it i written Mount as R/O, click Mount as R/W to its right.
- Earlier it was R/O read-only, now R/W read-write option is enabled in Root Explorer. This is very important.
- While in root explorer, Copy from sd card, now keep scrolling up to reach main folder of device where several files and folders exist.
- now click System> Media and paste it here, replace all.
- Step Zero is complete, check stock boot animation by rebooting your phone.

Step 1 :
- Download the stock ROM from this link -
- Copy this file directly to your SD card (2GB one) and do not put it in any folder.
- Now boot into recovery mode. (Hoping that you have TWRP or CWM installed)
- Wipe cache, dalvik and data. Do not wipe anything else.
- Click Install and select the zip file download above (stock rom)
- Now finish the operation and it will show that root priveleges are not fixed, so fix them
- It will reboot into stock rom, that will take some time. Setup everything and check Step 2.

Step 2 :
- Your phone is still rooted and it needs to be kept that way till we install stock recovery.
- To check if your phone is still rooted, check for Superuser or Super SU app in menu.
- Download stock recovery img from this link -
- Put it in your SD card and do not put it in any folder.
- Download Mobile Uncle Tools from Play store, open it and grant permissions
- Click recover mode and it will show you recovery.img as present, click on it
- This will replace TWRP/CWM with stock recovery, click ok and restart your device. Time for Step 3.

Now your phone is like factory device, just two things left, unroot and cleanup.

Step 3
- Download Framaroot from xda developers v 1.5.3
- Open it, select unroot option and click on boromir
- It will show as Unroot Done. Click ok and restart your device.
- Now check if the Super User or Super SU app is still there in menu or not.
- If it is not there, then your job is done. If not then, open the app, under settings look for Full Unroot option, click that and reboot your phone.

Step 4
- Go to Settings > Storage > Restore factory settings. Click on format
- Check the phone storage too, click on erase everything.
- It will reboot and everything will be wiped out. You can set up your mobile once again. No need to enter google account and others, just start your phone and now your phone is ready for warranty service.

Thanks for reading. Any doubts, ask in comments.