Friday 16 September 2016


I will be talking about important issues nowadays which are plaguing lot of youth. Most of these problems are because of urban lifestyle and food habits which needs to be changed.

Problems faced nowadays
- Acidity
- Heartburn
- Bloating
- Gas
- Headache

Solution for the same

- Complete 6-8 of proper and sound sleep every day. Sleep early (latest by 11.30 PM)
- Go for morning walk and do breathing exercises in places which has fresh air.
- Avoid skipping meals and eat on same time everyday
- Fix a time schedule for your body - eating, bathing, exercise and sleep at same time daily
- Avoid outside deep fried and fast food. Eat freshly cooked food if you are eating out.
- Eat and fill your stomach fully but avoid over-eating at all costs.
- Eat slowly, chew your food and keep your mouth closed while eating.
- Go out in fresh air atleast once every day and walk for atleast 30 mins
- Avoid cola and other such beverages. Cut down on tea and coffee intake.
- Stop smoking, alcohol and tobacco immediately
- Get a complete health check-up done and consult your medical practitioner with reports.
- Avoid sitting in same position all the time, keep moving and walking
- Reduce stress in your life by going for yoga, gym or meditation.

If you follow these lifestyle changes diligently, then you will see the positive effects in few days.