Tuesday 14 January 2014


I was of the view that. in India the existing brands in consumer & small business printers (apart from Brother India) offer the best technology at the current price point. However, my views changed after being introduced to the world of Brother India. Before touching upon that that, let me tell you who is this company and what does it do.

Brother International is a century old Japanese company that manufactures multi-function printers & home sewing machines around the globe i.e. it is present in more than 100 countries. Being the market leader in US, the same superior technology has finally come to India. They ventured into our country with Brother India, few years back. 
Brother manufactures Printers & Multi-function centres (MFC) primarily. Their collection of all-in-one Inkjet & Laser printers is good and caters to home users, small enterprises and medium size organisations.

For the Indian market, they have Inkjet MFC, Mono laser printers, Mono laser MFC, Colour printers, Colour laser MFC, fax machines and label printers.

In this blog post, I will cover two printers and run you through the other offerings from Brother India. 

The HL-3150CDN offers fast and efficient colour and monochrome print speeds of up to 18 pages per minute (whoa! that’s fast). With the automatic 2-sided printing feature, one can save on costs by printing on both sides of pages. Sharing this printer over a network is easy and several users can access it simultaneously. This printer supports Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile printing.

If you want to know all the specs of this printer, then visit this link - click me


This fast and efficient MFC offers print speeds of upto 22 pages per minute and multi functions i.e. print, scan, copy and fax. It has 3.7 inch colour touch screen for navigation. Save costs and paper with automatic 2-sided printing, share printer with several users over a network and it has support for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile printing.

The technical specifications of this MFC can be browsed in this link - click me


1. Monochrome Laser printers - Choose between 5 printers according to your usage
    (Offering print speeds up to 38 pages per minute)
2. Monochrome Laser MFCs – Choose between 8 MFCs
    (Up to 40 pages per minute)
3. A4 Mono-Colour Inkjet MFCs – Choose between 3 offerings
4. A3 Mono-Colour Inkjet MFCs – Two offerings
5. Three Colour Laser printers & Two Colour Laser MFCs

Check out the entire details of the range of printers from Brother India here --> click me

Brother Colour Inkjet MFCs use an innovative technology, where the color cartridges are distinct, so you need not throw away the entire set if one of them goes bad or empty. Just replace the particular empty ink cartridge and there is no need to throw away unused ink cartridges thereby reducing printing costs. 

This is just one of the few examples of innovative technology by Brother, read about it in detail on this link - click me
The question arises, why chose Brother over other brands ? 

I would say that reliability, efficiency, host of innovative features and superior technology at affordable costs should be enough to answer this question. Be it home, Small office, home office or corporate enterprises, everyone wants hassle free printing, and Brother aims to give you a hassle-free experience.

Their service centers are present in over 100 cities in Indi and they have telephone as well online support.

On a personal note, I have seen other manufacturers offering printers at low prices, but they compromise on features and print speeds. At many local print/Xerox shops, I am saddened to see colour printers with a dismal print speed of 5 pages per minute. It would be great, if smaller shops adopted Brother India printers because in long run, they are bound to gain much more than money.

 If you are interested in buying Brother India printers, check this link - click me


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