Monday, 6 April 2015

Godrej Security Solutions launches Privy Point – An App that helps secure your mobile data

On April 6, 2015 in Mumbai, Godrej Security Solutions (GSS), one of the leading providers of complete security solutions in India, announced the launch of “Privy Point” a free mobile application that safeguards and protects all important digital assets, stored on your mobile phone. This app, which is downloadable either from Google Play store or the website, can be customized basis the data that each person may want to protect.

Explaining the need for security on mobile platform, Mr. Mehernosh Pithawalla, Marketing Head, Godrej Security Solutions said, “As India’s leading provider of security solutions to both businesses and homes, Godrej security solution believes in providing complete security to its customers with both advanced physical security and electronic security space.. Sticking true to our brand motto ‘Ab musibat se darna kaisa’, we want to give control of sensitive and personal data on the mobile phone to our user. ”

Privy Point was developed through a crowd sourcing platform for users giving them the power to choose the features they would want in the app. The app currently helps protect data on your phone including media files (photos and videos) and text messages, bank account/credit card details and identity cards (driving license, passport etc. Privy Point is not only able to hide personal data, but also makes itself inconspicuous by disguising as an innocuous app like calendar or calculator, that is also password protected, making it difficult for anyone to identify the app, let alone have access to the data.  

Not only this, but the project will be taken ahead through the crowd sourcing platform. One can log on to the website and recommend new features for the app. These submissions once verified as plausible by the development team would be available for voting. Depending on the popularity of the feature, it would be available for downloads as in-app purchases. Any income generated by the subsequent sale of these features would be shared with the person who had first come up with the idea in the form of royalty.

The application has been certified by Valency Networks.

~Feature RichMobile security app for android phones by Godrej Security Solutions~

~Users have the flexibility to add features and earn royalty~


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