Wednesday 26 November 2014

Is Zenfone the next big thing?

Is Asus Zenfone the next hit thing, in the field of electronic gadgets? Well, the primary question, which you can hear everywhere, and with a permanent answer, off course! Yes, yes and yes! With so many valid features and positive outcomes, who else can take place of this magnificent phone? Actually, no one! Known for its impeccable Truvivid technology and LCD modules, Zenfone is changing the entire outlook of smartphones.

Even though, user-friendliness is the most prominent feature of Asus’ Zenfone, but you just cannot avoid the sleek design and ceramic cover coating. The inclusion of anti-fingerprint coating makes this phone, an unmistakable option, for all. However, you can avail any one of the available series; 4, 5 and 6 inches screens.

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The best part is that the touch response is just 60ms! Well, unbelievable but true. This latest technology is going to offer you with LCD module, along with optical clear adhesive. The screen is primarily known for its scratch resistant feature, which is a loved innovation, for these phones. Moreover, this phone has pushed the GPU capabilities, for a perfect gaming experience.

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